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Spark – 1st Edition


First edition paperback of Spark, published in 2013 by Dreamspinner Press. This is the last copy of the first edition in stock. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Spark is the first chapter of the North Star Trilogy, a tale that follows Hugo and Kevin from their first meeting, through trials and tribulations that draw them closer together, and finally to their well-deserved happily ever after. This series is meant to be read in its entirety and must be read in order.

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In their small-town high school, Hugo and Kevin became closeted lovers who kept their secret even from parents. Hugo didn’t want to disappoint his terminally ill father, and Kevin’s controlling father would never tolerate a bisexual son. When college took them in different directions, they promised to reunite, but that didn’t happen for seventeen years.

By the time they meet again, Hugo has become an out-and-proud actor and director who occasionally performs in drag—a secret that has cost him in past relationships. Kevin, still closeted, has followed his father’s path and now, in the shadow of divorce, is striving to be a better father to his own children.

When Hugo and Kevin meet by chance at a party, the spark of attraction reignites, as does their genuine friendship. Rekindling a romance may mean Hugo must compromise the openness he values, but Kevin will need a patient partner as he adapts to living outside the closet. With such different lifestyles, the odds seem stacked against them, and Hugo fears that if his secret comes to light, it may drive Kevin away completely.

304 Pages  |  7-8 Hours  |  104K Words


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September 2013




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